TV soaps that Ankita Srivastava has worked in

TV Serials Do Saheliya – Kismat ki Kathputaliyan: Bhavri – Bhavri is the child of Omkar Lodha who belongs to the Rabaadi caste. She is loving and kind-hearted girl who suffers at the hands of her stepmother after her mom’s death. She forever remains deprived of mom’s love. She likes her half sis and bros [...]


Sharad Kelkar biography age height and latest news

In ’10, he participated in reality comedy Tv series, Comedy Circus Mahasangraam where partnered along with Bharti Singh and Paresh Ganatraa. Sharad was part of Maharashtriaan movie Chinu where he portrayed the hero to the female lead role who enacts the title character portrayal of Chinu. Sharad Kelkar is a TV artist who shot to [...]


Zalak Thakkar’s Television Shows

TV Serials Chand Ke Par Chalo: Anisa – Anisa is effervescent, gregarious, funny and uninhibited. She is from a lower middle-class household. Not the Sati-saavitri types, she speaks her mind. She firmly believes in living in the moment. Her spontaneity sometimes brings about clumsiness and disorganization. She is not interested in studying as she is [...]


Akhlaque Khan family father mother sister and brother

Akhlaque Khan in Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 Akhlaque Khan will essay the character portrayal of 24 yrs old Tannu in Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2. The character portrayal that was earlier played by Nirav Soni will be now carry forwarded by Akhlaque. In Na Bole Tum [...]


Terence Lewis pics photoshoot wallpapers

Terence Lewis Contemporary Dance Company Terence Lewis runs his own Dance Company titled Terence Lewis Contemporary Dance Company in Bombay. The Terence Lewis Contemporary Dance Company , instituted in the yr 2000 stands among one of the pioneer dance companies in the Indian dance arena. What began as 10 member company now stands as a [...]


Ujjwal Rana family girlfriend wife

Although Ujjwal Rana is leaving the tv show by choice he is quite disappointed about leaving as he says, I made the decision of leaving the tv show along with a really heavy heart. I had come to love the character portrayal I was playing and the audience had accepted me as Sammaan. For an [...]


Satyajeet Dube Soap Details

TV Serials Ek Veer Stree ki Kahaani Jhansi Ki Rani: Nana Saheb Nana – Saheb was the biological child of Madhaav Narayaan Rao although in 1839 he was adopted by Bajiraao Peshwa 2 and thereafter became the Prince of Peshwas. He was great looking and charming along with attributes of kindness, bravery and intellect. He [...]

Do you know all the shows that Leena Prabhu has worked in?

TV Serials Sajaan Ghar Jana Hain: Uma – She is homely, loving, caring, pious lady and is fond of Dan-dakshina that she does on the sly. People say Badrinarayaan has flourished because of her great actions’although Badrinarayaan dos not listen much to her, she is really meekin front of him although she has no grudges. [...]


Pooja Pihal date of birth age height and latest news

Pooja Pihal have done couple of T.V. commercials such as 1-Clinic all clear, 2-Amul cool cafe, 3-sapaat Privar Chaitime Tea , 5-Exide Car batteries, 4-Frankline templeton investments, 6-Veet Hair removing cream along with Katrinaa kaif7- reviera cell phones wid divya dutta . . Etc. . Done a tv serial- Kayamaath 4star plus. . . Done [...]


Sanjeeda Shaikh’s TV Serials

TV Serials Kayamaath: Ayesha – Inder’s and Amrita child, who grew up in a chawl by her mom. Amrita brought her up. She becomes buddies along with Prachi , and on its revealed that Prachi and Ayesha are step sis. After Inder’s death, circumstances make Ayesha think that Prachi is plotting against her. She takes [...]